October 2018

Following his public lecture of August 15 2018 at Quebec Gay Archives at the Cinéma du Parc, Gabriel Girard offers us the full text of the presentation.
The lecture and film screening, along with the poster exhibition held August 1-31, were part an event celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Quebec Gay Archives.

Please find here in French the full text of Gabriel Girard’s presentation.  We thank him for his generosity.  Sida, enjeux de mémoire, enjeux de savoirs


Who is Gabriel Girard?  Dr Girard is a member of  CREMIS (Centre de recherche de Montréal sur les inégalités sociales et les discriminations).  He is currently employed by the Direction régionale de santé publique.

The Cinéma du Parc was a sponsor of “Les AGQ au Cinéma du Parc!” along with Fierté Montréal Pride, Fugues and several donors.
Note that Fierté Montréal graciously sent its official photographer, André Bilodeau, to commemorate the evening.  Samuel Bonnefont, web and social network coordinator of REZO, also filmed the lecture.

In the forground: Gabriel Girard beofre his lecture, August 15 2018.
In the background: John Banks–member of the Quebec Gay Archives– before the screening of the movie JOHN BANKS, une vie d’engagement during the same event.
Photo Credit : André Bilodeau / Fierté Montréal Pride. All rights reserved.

On September 2018, members of the team of the Quebec Gay Archives attended the opening of the exhibition InterReconnaissance – Retracing Struggles for Recognition which will be held at Montréal’s Écomusée du fier monde until February 3 2019.

Read the original news item with full details of the contribution of the Archives to the show :

InterReconnaissance (Inter-recognition) on tour:  After Rivière-du-Loup’s Musée du Bas-Saint-Laurent and the Écomusée du fier monde in 2018, the exhibition will be presented at the Musée POP – La culture populaire du Québec in Trois-Rivières in 2019 (dates to be confirmed).

Partial view: InterReconnaissance – Retracing Struggles for Recognition
Photo Credit: Emmanuel Galland / AGQ. All rights reserved.

On Saturday August 25 2018, the Quebec Gay Archives participated for the first time in Fière la Fête: “Célébration de la diversité en Estrie / Pride”.

Along with many other national, regional and local organizations gathered in Sherbrooke, the three representatives of the Archives staffed a kiosque under the big tent set up beside the Marché de la Gare and Lac des Nations.

The goal of the Sherbrooke Community Day was to be a family-friendly event welcoming to all and highlighting the community organizations of the Eastern Townships.

FIÈRE LA FÊTE was a unique opportunity for the Quebec Gay Archives to network with other community groups as well as to collect regional materials for our files.  Visitors to our table learned about the history and role of the organization and the richness of our collections.

As Iain Blair, vice-president of the Quebec Gay Archives, summarized:  “A very positive energy and a generally young and feminine crowd.  I think that our participation was extremely positive in terms of visibility”.

From left to right: Jonathan Dorey (archivist and councillor), Emmanuel Galland (assistant coordinator) and Iain Blair (vice-president of the Board).
Photo Credit: D.R. / Archives gaies du Québec. All rights reserved.

Once again this year the team of the Quebec Gay Archives took part in several of the activities of Fierté Montréal Pride during the month of August.

The “Quebec Gay Archives at Cinéma du Parc” was an event in two parts presented at the Cinéma du Parc with the support of and during Fierté Montréal Pride.
– From August 1 to 31 2018, an exhibition in the lobby of the cinema was composed of 26 posters on HIV/Aids, selected from the approximately 600 posters held by the Quebec Gay Archives.  More than 14,000 people visited this exhibition, with free admission seven days a week.
– On August 15 2018, the Quebec Gay Archives held a two-part public presentation in Salle 2, at the Cinéma du Parc.
The lecture and film screening, along with the poster exhibition held August 1-31, were part an event celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Quebec Gay Archives.
The evening began with a lecture by sociologist Gabriel Girard entitled “Sida, enjeux de mémoire, enjeux de savoirs”*.
Following the lecture, the public was treated to the premier of the film “John Banks, une vie d’engagement”.  This film was produced by the Quebec Gay Archives as part of an internship held by Alexis Baribeault (director of the movie).

The Archives also received a community award from the Fierté Montréal Pride organization in order to produce a new promotional postcard highlighting a photo of the famous Guilda drawn from our collections, a new banner as well as newly designed T-shirts.  Jean Logan, our long-time graphic designer, worked on all of these materials as well as those of the events at the Cinéma du Parc.

The Archives participated, as usual, in the annual Community Day on August 18  with its own kiosk and were well represented in the 34th annual Pride Parade, held August 19th.  Members of the group marched proudly beneath our new banner.

The Quebec Gay Archives thanks Fierté Montréal Pride for its ongoing support.

* You can find the full text (in French) of Gabriel Girard’s lecture on his website: www.gabriel-girard.net/sida-enjeux-de-memoire-enjeux-de-savoirs

From left to right: Richard Lafontaine (volunteer), Ross Higgins (cofounder and volunteer), Tony Esposito (member of the board), John Banks (volunteer),
Jacques Prince (cofounder and chief of the board), plus a volunteer from Fierté Montréal Pride.
Also part of our team: Alexis Lemieux (volunteer) and other friends from Quebec Gay Archives.
Photo Credit: André Querry / AGQ. All rights reserved.