February 2021

As part of their internship with the Quebec Gay Archives in the summer of 2020, V. Samoylenko produced a virtual exhibition entitled Walls have Ears: The Stories of Montreal’s LGBTQ2S+ Spaces.
Largely based upon human geography projects such as Queering the Map and Mapping Montréal’s Queer Spaces, the exhibition highlights various LGBTQ2S+ spaces in Montreal (from the old gay village – otherwise called the West Village – to our current Gay Village – the East Village -, the Red Light and the Main, university and cégep groups, and the Plateau) by listening to the stories of seven individuals issued from LGBTQ2S+ communities.
Obviously this exhibit is not intended to be exhaustive, and so we would like to hear your own stories. What were and what are the spaces where you felt accepted as an LGBTQ2S+ person? Do you have any photographs that you would be willing to share?
We are also very interested to learn more about LGBTQ2S+ spaces in other regions of Québec.
You can visit the virtual exhibition by clicking on this link