May 2021

May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, and this day was created in 2003 as an initiative of the Fondation Émergence. Each year, the Foundation organizes an awareness campaign centred upon specific themes. This year’s theme is “For Some, Showing Their Colours Isn’t a Choice” and deals with the violence inflicted upon LGBTQ+ people around the world.

On Saturday May 15, Le Devoir will publish a special section to mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. The Quebec Gay Archives celebrate this initiative and support any action which aims to educate the public on the reality of LGBTQ+ lives.

To learn more about the 2021 campaign of the Fondation Émergence, please click on the following link.

On Friday, April 30, the Quebec Gay Archives welcomed Debbie Lynch-White and a film crew from the “Moi et Cie” channel to tape an episode of the show “Histoires de coming out”. Scenes taped at the Archives will be part of an episode about our predecessors, meaning those people who fought in the past for the advancement of LGBTQ+ rights in Québec. The show will notably speak of John Banks, a long-time friend and volunteer of the Archives who organized the first gay pride parade in Montreal in 1979 and who was once the private secretary of Marlene Dietrich. You will also be able to see segments of an interview given by Pierre Pilotte, coordinator of the Archives, with Debbie Lynch-White.

The Quebec Gay Archives is very pleased to participate in this series which will, hopefully, help change mentalities!

From left to right: Debbie Lynch-White – Animator / Fabien Galipeau – Archivist for the AGQ / Pierre Pilotte – Coordinator of the AGQ. Photo: Karyan Fortin-Therrien

Since 2001, the Écomusée du fier monde has organized a benefit auction in order to finance its activities. Each year, the profits from the sales of three works are shared with three neigbourhood community organizations selected in advance. This year, the Écomusée will share the profits from the sale of a work by Jean-Paul Jérôme with the Quebec Gay Archives. The auction will take place online beginning May 18 at 8 am and ending May 30 at 8 pm. The Quebec Gay Archives thanks greatly the Écomusée for having chosen us this year as a beneficiary!

For more information on the auction, please visit this website.