Sincere thanks to all those volunteers who have been involved in the Quebec Gay Archives over the past year: John Banks, Alexis Baribeault, Jean-Michel Beaulieu, Iain Blair, Pierre-Luc Cauchon, Richard Champagne, Ryan Cormier, Jonathan Dorey, Yvon D’Amour, Tony Esposito, Jean-Pierre Fortin, Myriam Gélinas Vallières, Albe Guiral, Normand Hébert, Ross Higgins, Maria Ihler, Alexis Lemieux, Denis Lessard, Shawn McCutcheon, Gilles Morel, Pierre Pilotte, Julie Podmore, Gilles Tanguay, Robert Tessier and Raymond Thibault.


Thank you as always to Jean Logan of Folio et Garetti for graphic design on our bulletin and brochure as well as during our fundraising campaigns.


And above all thank you to all our faithful and generous donors, without whom the Quebec Gay Archives could not continue its work.