Fundraising campaign 2022

Fundraising campaign 2022

In spite of the post-pandemic inflationary surge, our 2022 fundraising campaign was a success. We have accumulated over $40,000.

We are very grateful for all this thanks to your generosity.

The endpoint of this campaign took place on January 16th, when we drew the name for the fundraiser raffle. Maria Remiggi won the photograph generously donated by Robert Laliberté.

The draw took place online, in the presence of Yves Lafontaine, director of Fugues magazine, Jacques Prince, president of the Archives gaies du Québec, Pierre Pilotte, coordinator of the Archives gaies du Québec, and Jonathan Proulx-Guimond, coordination and communications assistant.

We want to extend our warmest thanks to all of our donators and Robert Laliberté.

And our congratulations to Maria Remiggi!