International Transgender day of visibility

International Transgender day of visibility

This March 31st, the Quebec Gay Archives wish to celebrate the International Transgender Day of Visibility by shedding light on some of our trans archives, which are available on our website as of now.

The archives in questions are issues of the TAMs & Tissues newsletter, which was aimed towards the anglophone transvestite and transexual (TV-TS) communities. This newletter, of which the AGQ has issues dating between 1979 and 1983, was published by TAMs (Transvestites à Montreal), a group comprised of MTF (male-to-female) TVs and TSs. This group offered social opportunities, discussion groups and workshops. Later, the group split into TAMs and WOMEN à Montréal en Neuf, as the latter responded to the specific needs of transsexual women.

The periodical was distributed elsewhere in English-speaking North America, and, though the main language of the publication was English, there were still contributions by Francophones. Although the periodical was primarily geared towards what today we would call the transfeminine community, it contained a few contributions about transsexual men.

Trans history has been for a long time rendered invisible. Today, we wish to show our support for our trans peers by making these archives accessible. The AGQ are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion of all LGBTQ2S+ communities.

You can consult the digitized TAMs & Tissues periodical here